Bahnentour Engadin St. Moritz

Bahnentour Engadin St. Moritz



The Engadin St. Moritz covers seven different single trail runs in a single day, conquering almost 6,400 metres downhill. For the ascents, the numerous cable cars (ski lifts) around Corviglia and Piz Nair are used. This tour has the greatest flow among our selection of Bahnentours.

If you'd like to tackle the Engadin St. Moritz, it's a good idea to arrive the day before in order to reach the first cable car to the Corviglia early the next morning. The singletrails in the Upper Engadine offer even more options than the trails on the Bahnentour package.

Includes services
2 overnight stays in a graubündenBIKE-Hotel inlcuding breakfast
2 day pass for the mountain railways in Engadin St. Moritz (incl. bike transport)
GPS tracks, detailled trail book und exact timetable for the Bahnentour
2 Tage
71 km
6315 hm
635 hm
29.06.2019 to 13.10.2019
Nebensaison: 29. Juni bis und 4. Juli 2019
Hauptsaison: 5. Juli bis 20. Oktober 2019
Price per person
Nebensaison: Doppelzimmer ab CHF 174.00
Nebensaison: Einzelzimmer ab CHF 211.00
Hauptsaison: Doppelzimmer ab CHF 199.00
Hauptsaison: Einzelzimmer ab CHF 236.00


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