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«It was awesome!» That's what one of our customers said upon finishing the «Hammer Days» Tour Package, consisting of the three best mountain bike tours in the region. Experience the picturesque and stunning landscape from the Bernina Pass, through San Romerio to Tirano, over the Col d’Anzana or alternatively to the Lago Saoseo.

The «Hammer Days» is an all-inclusive package for mountain bikers. No need to spend hours searching for the best tours in the region. They have all been included in full detail in this package, including GPS tracks and trail books. There's also no need to hunt for mountain bike hotels in the region, either. Only certified graubündenBIKE hotels are included in the «Hammer Days» package. If you prefer to concentrate on singletrail fun instead of hunting for routes and hotels, the «Hammer Days» package is right for you.

Includes services
two nights in a graubündenBIKE-Hotel including breakfast
Trailbook & GPX-Track Bernina-Poschiavo
Trailbook & GPX-Track San Romerio–Tirano
Trailbook & GPX-Track Col d’Anzana
Trailbook & GPX-Track Lago Saoseo
singletrail guaranty on three days!
3 Tage
06.05.2019 to 31.10.2019
Nebensaison: 6. Mai bis und 4. Juli 2019 // 21. Oktober bis 24. November 2019
Hauptsaison: 5. Juli bis 20. Oktober 2019
Die Saisonangaben sind abhängig von Witterung und Schnee, Änderungen sind vorbehalten.
Price per person
Nebensaison: Doppelzimmer ab CHF 174.00
Nebensaison: Einzelzimmer ab CHF 211.00
Hauptsaison: Doppelzimmer ab CHF 199.00
Hauptsaison: Einzelzimmer ab CHF 236.00


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